You pay a fixed price only for what you really need or request.  Our flexible, cost-effective system begins with a Needs and Options Assessment.

Needs and Options Assessment

When considering renovating your home we suggest  an Needs and Option Assessment as the first step. Here is why…..

• To obtain an opinion of the feasibility of the project.
• To produce an outline brief detailing rooms, sizes, orientation etc…
• To discuss potential solutions in outline form
• To discuss ‘look and feel’ of a potential scheme
• To discuss the planning viability of the project and your ideas
• To give outline construction costing for budget usage
• Outline the requirements for Building Regulations

You’ll receive a  1.0 hour consultation, with a registered architect, who has local knowledge.    We’ll visit you onsite where we’ll review your property and its potential.  Then get an understanding of your needs and budget.  Within 24 hours you’ll receive a report…..yours for the keeping. You’ll gain design, planning and cost advice from an architect – the most qualified professional in the building industry.

  • No complex contracts
  • No obligations
  • Real solutions
  • $550
  • Pre-agreed expenses may apply for travel to regional areas

Schematic Drawings and Action Plan (optional)

You can choose to complement your Needs and Options Assessment with scaled, Schematic Drawings that summarise the meeting concepts. They will be accompanied by a report covering planning advice and an Action Plan, outlining step-by-step the best way to take the concept forward to construction and the associated costs. This report is delivered to you 5 days after your Needs and Options Assessment. Schematic Drawings are an ideal way to move your project forward to the next stage.

  • $600 (single level renovation)
  • $900 (double storey renovation or new home)
  • $1100 (townhouse development)

What happens next?

If you’d like to explore the concept developed in the Needs and Options Assessment further, then we’d recommend you proceed with Schematic Drawings. Of course, if you’d prefer not to proceed beyond the Needs and Options Assessment, that’s also fine.

Please download the following form or call to make your booking.

IDA- Needs and Options form